A mixture of poems from worldwide talent comes together in this our second anthology, this time it is special because it is dedicated to the memory of a dear friend who departed this earth for a better place. Jeanette Moser 1941-2007 will never be forgotten.Her words will live on in our Anthology.Jeanette was a special lady each poet who donated poems for this book loved her very much. We hope you enjoy this our second Anthology from Billy's World of Poetry members. All proceeds from this book is going to a Charity called The British Heart Foundation in memory of our friend Jeanette. William Manson and all the members of Billy's Poetry World 2007 


By Toni D Helfrick

"The Poets Speak: An Anthology" The Poets Speak is a very fine collection of poetry, either long or short form, and each one is unique from the other. An anthology does just that- it causes us to think differently, and each one is more inspirational than the others. I have given them to my daughters, and now they write poetry, and an appreciation of writing is most valuable for any would-be writer, who tries their hand at poems and even long ones. My own poetry has been greatly refined by the many poems I write. Everyone will find more than just one that pleases, and teaches another. It is also an eye into the mind, as we each think differently. This is a fine collection of poetry, some funny, some serious, some revering nature, and some about sadness. All are a part of our lives, and we can all identify with many in this anthology. It is highly recommended. T.D. Helfrick

By William Manson

"Re: The Poets Speak" thanks a million theo xxxx

By Viola Tabor

"The Poets Speak" This book is an excellent book filled with poets poetry from all over the world. Just about every style and short form of poetry can be read in this book. Billy you did a job well done one that we all can be proud of.

By marynaylorca

"The Poets Speak, An Anthology by William Manson" I've been wanting to buy this unusual book, both because it is written by some very talented poets and because it is, in part, a memorial to a beautiful poet who passed away.

By Theolinda Foster

"The Poets Speak" I am so sorry it took this long to get here to tell you how proud I am of you and all the rest of the poets that made this such a terrific book to own.With so many styles and well written poetry,this is a poetry book that any collector would be proud to have.Billy,you made this possible and I pray that with enough sales there will be some money going to the charity of choice in Jeanettes name.She must be beaming as she looks down on us all knowing that she was so loved and will never be forgotten.My love to you my brother!Theolinda

An Anthology of poems from the members of B.W.O.P many poems donated from the members you will be amazed at the talent of these people, the poetry is special and from the heart it consists of many forms for every taste. 


By Theolinda Foster

"Dance of The Poets by William Manson" Collaborating ( to work together in preparing something )from Websters dictionary. That is what this group of poets has done and in style! I am so proud to be a member of this group that can hold their own against any others. You will find it all in this book, love, laughter, heartache,despair, friendship. I could go on but will end this with my everlasting gratitude to Billy for asking me to be a part of this wonderful adventure.I know that Alice is smiling down and enjoying the book also.

By Irene Koufala

"Dance of the Poets" I've had the privilege of reading the excellent poems by these very gifted painters with words. This book is for anyone who loves to read, be inspired and entertained. Irene Koufala B.W.O.P. Member

By Erik Estabrook

"Dance of the Poets" so many cherished moments have happened at BWOP that everyone poem I re-read is so special, there's nothing but the best poetry here its all inspired and not only that positive. my favorite poets here on BWOP are better than reading a poetry journal almost every time, there's experience, heart, and care in every poem I'm glad to be part of this, and Alice is looking down smiling so much

By Helen Holub

"Dance of the Poets review by Helen Holub Nov 6, 2008" This is a stunning compilation of poems written by Billy's World of Poetry in memory of one of the members. It's a book worthy of many stars and I give it 6 stars.

By William Manson

"Re: Dance of the Poets" erik that was very kind of you THANKS A LOT MATE... Billy

An Anthology of poems from a select number of poets who create talented work on BILLY'S WORLD OF POETRY. The artists have been writing poetry for many years, and decided they wanted an ANTHOLOGY. This is a mixed bag of poems,written by poets WORLDWIDE, they are here for your enjoyment. All poets are a member of this site.  


By marynaylorca

"Withered Flowers An Anthology" I feel honored to be one of the poets in this talented group of writers. Withered Flowers makes me think of pressed flowers, like memories layered away in some quiet room of the mind. In this book, those memories awaken, and poets and readers join in a dance of poems.

by Mary Naylor

By Joy Sorrells

" WITHERED FLOWERS AN ANTHOLOGY" Joy Sorrells I have had the pleasure of writing on this wonderful Poets poetry site from day one .This is a site filled with Great Talent and an awesome Love for the art of Poetry! Not one amoungst us goes without great talent.This book is an excellent mix of all sorts of writing styles and offers the reader a great deal of enjoyment for all ages for years to come.

By theresat

"Re: WITHERED FLOWERS AN ANTHOLOGY" this is a lovely collection of us from the wonderful and intriguing site billy has truly worked so hard on with a lot of others in the family as well. truly beautiful work.


By William Manson

"Re: Withered Flowers" awe thank you jeanette xxxxx

By pappyslady24

"Withered Flowers" Withered Flowers has poems for all peoples in all walks of life. It has the feelings of ordinary people's life and feelings, and love of life and God and Country. It helps you feel good when your down, makes you laugh when you feel like crying and it has an appeal of several different poets young and old. It has something for everyone and I enjoyed reading the poems from the very first to the last. Sincerely Jeanette Moser PS. After reading Billy's other books I know every book will be enjoyable and worth reading over and over again.

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